A Little Bit About Us








    Priorto launching our photography businesses, we both earned our degrees in education.  Traci has 16 years of elementary teaching experience, and brings this specialized knowledge of teaching to the workshop.  In addition to our education backgrounds, we also bring 19 years combined experience (Leah…13 years, Traci…6 years) as photographers.  Our styles have evolved over the years, and we both have come to love photographing newborns with a sweetly simple flair.





    What camera/gear do you use?

    For newborns, we both use Nikon cameras (Leah – D700 & Traci – D750) and 50 mm 1.4G combination.  For anything else, Leah loves her 70-200 mm 2.8, and Traci sticks with the Nifty Fifty.  Traci also has the 28 mm 2.0, 85 mm 1.8, and 60 mm macro in her camera bag.


    What editing program/actions/presets do you use?

    Leah & Traci both edit with both Lightroom and Photoshop for newborns.  Actions/presets…well, that’s something reserved for those we mentor.


    How do you keep those babies alseep?

    Patience and warmth are our two best tips.  The other tips…another reason to be mentored.  😉


    Where do you find all those adorable accessories for your newborns?

    We are blessed to work with some fabulous vendors.  You can read all about them on our Mentoring Sponsors page.  Click!


    What’s the secret to White Balance?

    The secret…well, there are multiple methods to achieve White Balance.  We show our workshop attendees several options.  But studio lighting is a lifesaver when it comes to consistent light…which means consistent white balance…which equals more efficient editing.

    Jpeg or Raw?

    Leah = Jpeg.  Traci = Raw.  And yes…you are a real photographer if you shoot Jpeg.  😉