2:2 Mentoring

    Have you found that you learn best in a smaller, more hands-on setting?  We all learn differently, so we’re excited to also offer 2:2 Mentoring!

    Our goal is for you to learn the following:

    • How to prepare parents for their session and manage their expectations.
    • Tips for styling your setups.
    • Our workflow and how we conduct our sessions.
    • The Keys to unlock each pose.  At the workshop, you’ll receive our “Posing Recipe” cards that detail these keys for each pose.
    • Soothing techniques.
    • Brief processing, and how to do composites.

    Afterwards, you will be invited to join a private Facebook group to continue and refine your education.



    Sweet & Simple Newborn Mentoring is at Leah’s studio in Warsaw, Indiana.

    Any Requirements to Attend?

    Attendees must know and be able to use their camera in manual.  Leah and Traci use studio lights, so you will need to be able to change ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture, Custom White Balance, and Kelvin.  Would natural photographers benefit?  Absolutely!  The same lighting principles are applied to natural light.

    What to Bring?

    A DSLR Camera, preferably a 5o mm lens or 35 mm if you have a crop sensor,  notebook/pen, comfy clothes, an open & inquisitive mind, memory cards, and your camera.  😉

    What’s the Investment?

    The cost is $1500.  This includes:

    • 1 Learning Filled Day with 3 newborn models.
    • Breakfast and Lunch
    • The Posing Recipe Cards
    • Newborn Goodie Bag filled with lovely creations and discounts from the Sweet & Simple Workshop Sponsors.
    • Continued learning and skill refinement in our private workshop community on Facebook.

    A $500 nonrefundable deposit is required to secure your mentoring date.  The remaining balance is due within 30 days of mentoring.

    More Questions?

    Either send us an email (info@sweetandsimplenewborns.com) or click on the Contact tab at the top.

    How do I Register?

    Complete the Mentoring Request form.